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New Human Avian Flu Contraction, Confirmed

A new human bird flu case was confirmed on Monday 26/02 in Beheira governorate. A woman, identified as Samia Mansour Hashim, 31, checked in Dmanhour Fever Hospital suffering from bird flu symptoms. Blood sample of the suspect bird flu case tested positive. After her health condition deteriorated, the woman was transferred to Alexandria Fever Hospital.

She was in close contact with sick domestic poultry. Chairman of the National Council for Youths Mohammed Safi El-Din Kharboush said on Monday the council is organising a public awareness campaign against the H5N1 virus.

In press statements, he said the campaign comes as part of public service projects carried out in the Egyptian rural areas and popular districts in cooperation with the veterinary medicine units, businessmen and investors. He added that youths' centres will host vet medicine units to enlighten people with means to face diseases that spread among birds and animals and contain the infected spots. He said medical convoys will be launched in cooperation with the universities of Assiut and Helwan in March and April to fight the virus.

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